Located in the historical and legendary town of Gragnano, “the home of pasta”, where historians, poets and writers have celebrated the art of pasta making for centuries, we are re-visited by the nostalgic memory of “the main streets laid out expressly to capture the mountain breeze mixed with sea air…when pasta makers hung spaghetti on drying rods like laundry…” The Garofalo legacy began in 1789, when, by Royal Decree of “The Kingdom of Naples”, Signore Lucio Garofalo was granted the first permit for the production and sale of the highest quality pasta. Pasta making in Gragnano continues to be synonymous with excellence. Books and magazines continue to categorize high quality pasta as “Garofalo-type” pasta.

Signore Lucio Garofalo would be proud, as we are today to offer you pasta with superior aesthetic flavour and colour, exceeding the highest standard of quality. Over 25 quality checks are performed on our Signature line pastas. All standard industry controls are run twice to ensure unmatched quality. Only the finest durum semolina can guarantee that. Only Garofalo can guarantee that.

Garofalo Canada

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