Pellini Coffee


Every day a dreamy espresso. A Pellini espresso makes every break unique and unmistakable.

The historical passion of the Pellini family creates the excellence of Italian espresso. Superior coffee blends for aroma and flavour specially created for the growingly aware and international consumers.
Pellini is the espresso coffee appreciated in the best Italian coffee bars and families: the coffee that turns a break into a dreamy experience.

Each espresso embodies the whole Pellini experience made of history, tradition and expertise in creating the finest coffee blends.
Espresso is a ritual that marks our days. But what makes it always unique are authenticity and passion, which lead to the creation of the precious Pellini blends dedicated to the world’s bar specialists. Today you can savour them also at home with the complete Pellini variety. Make the experience of a daily ritual remarkable and unmistakable.

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